I could not really describe his Tariqa and his way of education. I will try to describe his Tariqa by his own words with the certainty that it is the Sheikh himself who has refined the principles of the Tariqa.
He is the one who set up his way and can therefore change it at any time. I have already witnessed this during my companionship with him. Indeed, his spiritual education changes according to the state of the aspirant. His education of each aspirant is designed to accommodate him as well as takes in consideration his limitations.
This shows us that he is a renovator and not a follower. If he had been a follower, he would not have changed anything from the methods of his Sheikh. His way is the merging between the wayfaring (Suluk) and the utter rapture (Jadhb).
Rapture means the euphoria that the hearts enjoy thanks to the Light of The Beloved, a Light which pulls them towards the presence of The Beloved. This is a rapture of which the Fakir is not aware because it is subtle, and with it comes the much needed help of the Most Sweet. One can say that his tariqa is a combination of the Majesty (Jalal) and the Magnificence (Jamal).
It will also be seen that the Sheikh puts the Fakir in the station of vision (Mushahada), from his very first step in the path, without even producing much effort or deeds. This is a characteristic of the generosity of the Sheikh. He said, “Our Tariqa is the Tariqa of vision, whoever does not see, I am not his Sheikh and he is not my Murid.” Those are the words of a person whose heart is already filled with Allah. It is very rare to encounter Sheikhs whom whom have such conditions and standards, for the sheikhs of old accepted anyone who read their wirds, or attended their assemblies as their disciples.
Our Sheikh made the vision the sign proof of the truthfulness of his companionship. This is because it is he who plants it in the heart of the Murid from the very beginning. The Murid’s sole duty is to preserve it by dhikr and love, because as our Sheikh said “It is the Bouraq of the servant towards the veil of mystery as well as the knowledge of Ihsan”. What could be the arriving point of a tariqa whose very first step is vision? Its beginning is the understanding of the Omnipresence of Allah, what will its end be? Its beginning is the companionship of the Light of our master Muhammad, may the peace of Allah and His blessings be upon him, its completion is therefore, O servant of Allah, the discovery of the deep meanings.
The Sheikh has made it his duty to make each Murid reach his goal in the knowledge of Allah in the presence of the Divine Name “Annur” in such a way that he tastes the uniqueness of Allah through His attributes. After the stage of Khalwa, he attains the global secret. He becomes a scholar of the meanings of the First and the Last, of the Apparent and the Hidden. Thus, he achieves the elixir of happiness, success, and is counted among the beloved. This is how the Sheikh begins educating the Murid, in an astonishing and amazing way. He evolves from one secret to another and the Mourid spends a certain time in each secret. There are two duties; a duty to the True One and a duty to the creatures. His duty to the True One is to see His power in everything. The duty to the creatures is to behave well and kindly in every situation. Our Sheikh has wisely combined everything in this path and while he utters only few words, there is an abundance of meanings. This path includes the truths of the Shariah but also the way to Allah and the Supreme Truth. He says: “Lower yourself and magnify others”. So understand this!