In this aspect, he adopted the attitude of the pious predecessors, may Allah be pleased with them. His behavior provides the best example for those whom wish to follow him and have him help them fight against their carnal souls. Sidi Sheikh is known for following the Sunnah in his words, gestures and states, he also urges his companions and family to do so for he himself has tasted the bitterness of the struggle against the carnal soul. There was period of his life when he would pray all night and would fast continuously. He had taken the habit of breaking his fast with water or dirt. In fact, he used to put saliva on his finger and collect dirt with it, in order to break his fast. He used to travel long distances on foot, mentioning Allah and saying, “It is appropriate for the aspirant to try all categories of worship. Sometimes he has to stay up all night, other times half of it. Sometimes he has to not break his fast and other times he has to do so. He has to travel in the kingdom of Allah on foot, leave his home without money or luggage. All this is to try to surrender to Allah. This is how the aspirant should be. All of this in the hopes that if the seeker does reach Allah, he would have already tried everything. If he speaks of asceticism or trusting surrender or isolation and loneliness, those affirmations will have been states which he experienced firsthand.” He said, may Allah be pleased with him, “I have not achieved what I have achieved except through isolation and wandering.”