On his journey, he had clothed himself in the garment of complete trust in Allah. He had abandoned all assistance from others, until he relied solely on Him. When the time for his fulfillment (Wissal) came, he visited his uncle the Knower by Allah Sheikh sidi al Hassan Al-Karkari, may Allah be pleased with him on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr. Sidi Mohamed Faouzi says “The talk that night was about Allah’s Attributes and His beautiful Names. I listened attentively to the discussion between Moulay al Hassan and some of the listeners. His words made a deep impression on me, and once the people had left, I asked him: “Uncle, I want to repent. Does Allah accept my repentance?” Sheikh al Hassan, may Allah sanctify his secret, was moved by my state of fear and despair, and by what he knew of the sincerity of my intention and the truth of my approach and quest. He asked me to return to the town of Al-Aroui and wait for him to come and give me the Wird”. Sidi Mohamed Faouzi could not extinguish the fire of repentance burning within him. How could he when Allah had allowed his sun to shine and had called out to him from His Height, “O Muhammad, arise to Us”. He looked through his belongings and found nothing suitable as an Ihram garment for his journey to his Lord except his brother’s garment. It was as if he wanted to create a barrier between his life before and the one to come. He showed his sincerity by burning his clothes shaving his head and beard, wearing his brother’s garment and heading for his Lord.
He arrived at Tamsamane, walking barefoot, weeping all the way keeping his head down. At that moment, he saw the Light of the Beloved, may the peace of Allah and His blessings be upon him, without even knowing what it was. He kept seeing the light until he arrived at his uncle’s zawiya, Allah be pleased with him. He said to his Sheikh and uncle, “Allow me to perform the Wird and let me enter the Khalwa”. The Sheikh replied, “Stay away from me. Who told you that I take care of crazy people?” He repeated his request and the Sheikh refused, testing his sincerity. Sidi Mohamed Faouzi got up to leave and his uncle asked him where he wanted to go, if he going to return to his house? He replied, “No! I’m not going back home. I’m out to get closer to Allah. I will travel in Allah’s kingdom between stones and trees. Allah is in every place”. Then sidi Hassan Al-Karkari, may Allah have mercy on him, ordered his daughter to prepare the Khalwa for sidi Mohamed Faouzi to enter. The latter said: “My intention was repentance. But Allah fulfilled His plan and honored me with His blessing. I saw the heights of the extraordinary in my blessed Khalwa, on the night of Thursday, Shawal 4th 1425 AH (November 18th, 2004). I had great openings and consistent help on Friday when Al-Wahhab, (The Giver; The Most Generous), called me and He taught me His supreme hidden Name.” By this, the True One honored him with a great gift; He offered him the stations of the noble saints, this was thanks to the sincerity behind his intention, seeking repentance from Allah, for certainly, he who seeks repentance has sought Allah’s satisfaction, and he who seeks His satisfaction finds it. Upon finding it, he obtains the degree of great Love, until he is His hearing, His sight and all His strength. Our Sheikh remained in the company of his Sheikh and uncle, may Allah sanctify their secret, for about two years. This companionship was based upon good behavior, consideration, seriousness, effort, dhikr and remembrance until the death of Moulay al Hassan, may Allah be pleased with him.