Sidi Mohamed Faouzi was already showing signs of his brilliance in the time of Moulay al Hassan. This latter was always talking about his excellence and holiness, he used to advise his disciples about him, saying “Be careful not to upset him, he’s a Qotb (pole)”. He used to say to him, may Allah be pleased with him, in assemblies, “Everything that is here (and he was referring to his heart) is here (referring to the heart of sidi Mohamed Faouzi, may Allah be pleased with him)”. On another occasion, he gave him full permission; this happened when our Sheikh’s father, sidi Tayeb, the brother of Moulay al Hassan said to him, “Why don’t you give Sidi Mohamed permission for people to benefit from him?” He replied, “he has already got permission, and he has had it for a long time now”. When his Sheikh sidi al Hassan passed away, our Sheikh inherited his rank as Sheikh of the tariqa, in the year 1428 (2007). After the Sheikh’s death, another like him appeared… This is Allah’s unchanging tradition. He renewed the foundations of the Tariqa and made them easier for people. He revived its teachings after the tariqa had become a school of Tabarouk.
Everyone who met him benefitted from him for he made apparent to them the Lights of Divine Proximity and the brilliance of Supreme Knowledge. Sidi Mohamed Faouzi says “the first four Murids I brought into the Khalwa were all under the spiritual guidance of sidi al Hassan, and he was the one who told me what to do with them.” This is another indication that, from the Barzakh, Sidi al Hassan was sending to his heir the “Sir” to reaffirm the given permission to educate and lead people to Allah. Words could never suffice to tell the wonders that happened to our Sheikh. He has reached the high spheres and the holy stations which enable him to be the one to whom every human or Djinn seeking the Truth turn to. He says, may Allah preserve him, “I have obtained in terms of Proximity and Knowledge after the death of my Sheikh what he himself had not attained during his lifetime.” Now, the Murid cannot surpass the station of his Sheikh as long as the latter remains alive. However, after the Sheikh’s death, Allah can honor the Murid, if sincere enough, by turning his heart into a luminous vessel and connecting it with the heart of one of the prophets. This is what happened to our Sheikh and what Allah did for him. The True One honored him with the station of the Khatmiyya, which is in reality the inheritance of the divine names and the Muhammadan succession.