The true “karama” is the strict following of the master of creation, may the peace of Allah and His blessings be upon him. Therefore, the servant follows his sunna outwardly and inwardly, by word, as well as by deed. It is from this source that our Sheikh drank, it is in this sea that he drowned. One of his « karamat » is that people may be entertaining some thoughts in his presence, and if there is a question among those though, Sidi Sheikh proceeds to give the answer even if the question is not verbally asked. Also, when he utters a hadith or Quranic verse, the disciple finds that a knowledge and understanding that he did not have before is effortlessly established in his heart, it is the baraka of the Sheikh emanating from him at the moment he utters these words. One of the habits of the Sheikh is that he would give lectures every time fuqaras are gathered, at every occurencehe begins to describe a certain state and the one who is concerned directly understands that the Sheikh is speaking of him, to the others in the assembly it is simply advice while to the one concerned, it is a desperately needed solution. His word is thun a means of unveiling. Among his « karamat » is also a fact that many of his Murids have testified to seeing him in different places at the same time. Similarly, the healing of the sick at his hands is reported. Also, the fact that the great opening is fast in his company comes from his baraka. In fact, he transforms the darkness of the heart into Light, in the blink of an eye. It is also worth mentioning that he informs people of things they had not yet told him about, this goes to say that he puts the information they want to rely to him in better wording than they ever could. All of this can be noticed about the Sheikh by anyone who knows him or is in contact with him. At the moment, our Shaykh is in his Zawya in the city of al-Aroui, busy with the affairs of his disciples and serving them – Allah is witness to this. And he is known to teach the singular Name “Allah”.
May Allah make us benefit from him and bring us into his presence.