He holds the reality of science in his time, and this is because he is the heir of the Khatmiyya of the Supreme Hidden Name. He speaks a high language in the knowledge of Allah, and only he who is like him really understands it. He brings out enormous knowledge from the smallest of things. When he begins to speak of a single letter, a multitude of meanings come out of it until the listener is amazed at the immensity of his knowledge. It is enough as a proof that since he is a Sheikh, he only speaks about the Ha of the Name of the Majesty. Each time he brings back a whole new understanding and a sense of subtlety. He says, “Take from me what you will. My knowledge comes from the Messenger of Allah. How much, O Murid, can you carry of divine lights and secrets? Well, I don’t get tired… as long as you don’t get tired!” He often tells us, “I turn the pages quickly. If you wanted to stop at every page, no one would ever get past the first secret.” This is a clear indication of his generosity and the fact that he makes the path easier for the Murid. He carries him from one station to another with relatively little effort, in a short time so that the Fakir does not realize which station he has just passed. If he talks about the Qabda, the handful, and its manifestations, it will be enough to imagine the fragrance of the particularity. If he speaks of the Names and their manifestations, the heart is drunk with the power of closeness and holiness, if he speaks of the Chosen One, the heart is filled with manifest Light. This is how his Light enters the heart! As for his state, it is to speak of a bubbling sea, of a firm mountain. Indeed, he is permanently in the witnessing of the Living One, the Beloved. Since he knows the Truth, he is no longer veiled from Him. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) also never leaves his sight. I have heard him say, “By Allah, if the Messenger of Allah were to be veiled from me for a moment’s glance, I would no longer count myself among the Muslims.” Some of his followers are actually constantly in the same state, so what could we say about the master from whom they derive said state? The Fakir’s certainty increases every day although we could never grasp the true value of this great Imam. He is a safe of lights on his feet, so to say, if he wants to give you some light, he does, and if he wants does not wish so, he does not. He has complete command of the noble secret. When he speaks, he embraces all hearts and everyone benefits from his word, whether he is a beginner, a pathfinder or a newcomer.