This is the great Imam, the bright sun in the sky of Haqiqa, the heir of the secret of the Divine Essence, the helper of the Light of the Attributes, the holder of the noble spiritual aspiration, the approved characters, as well as the Muhammadan sciences, the Ahmadi seal and the Muhammadan figure, Sidi Mohamed Faouzi Al-Karkari, may Allah be pleased with him. His lineage goes back to the one without whom there would have been no existence (may the peace of Allah and His blessings be upon him). He is of the noble Idrissid descent, his ancestry goes back to the “gate of the city of Science”, our master Ali Ibn Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him.
He is the son of the noble Sharif, Sidi Mulay Tayyib al-Karkari al-Idrisi al-Hasani, son of the teacher, the shaykh, the Pole of his time, and the heir of the initiatory secret, Sidi Mulay al-Tahir al-Karkari, may God sanctify his secret, son of Mulay Muhammad al-Fardiy, son of Mulay Tayyib, son of the shaykh and Pole Sidi Muhammad b. Qaddur al-Bukili, son of Mulay ʿabd al-Qadir, son of Mulay Ahmad, son of Mulay al-ʿArbi, son of Mulay Muhammad, son of Mulay Ali, son of Mulay Musa, son of Mulay Ali, son of Mulay Yaaqub, son of Mulay Ibrahim, son of Mulay b. Zayd, son of Mulay Yahya, son of Mulay ʿAbd al-Rahman, son of Mulayʿabd Allah, son of Mulay ʿAbd Al-ʿAziz, son of Mulay Zakariyya, son of Mulay Yahya, son of Mulay al-Hasan, son of Mulay Muhammad, son of Mulay ʿAli, son of Mulay ʿIsa, son of Mulay Maymun Abu Wakili, son of Mulay Masʿud, son of Mulay ʿIsa, son of Mulay Musa, son of Mulay ʿAzzuz, son of Mulay ʿabd al-ʿAziz, son of Mulay Maazuz, son of Mulay ʿAllal, son of Mulay Jabir, son of Mulay ʿImran, son of Mulay Salim, son of Mulay ʿIyyad, son of Mulay Ahmad, son of Mulay Muhammad, son of Mulay al-Qasim, son of Mulay Idris al-Azhar, son of Mulay Idris al-Nafs al-Zakiyya, son of Mulay ʿAbd Allah al-Kamil, son of Mulay Hasan al-Thani, son of Mulay Hasan al-Sibt, son of Sayyiduna ʿAli – may God ennoble his face – and Sayyidatuna Fatima al-Zahraa, daughter of the Master of the Two Worlds, Sayyiduna Muhammad ﷺ.
On his mother’s side, he is the son of lalla Yamna who was the paternal cousin of Mulay Tayyib, and the granddaughter of Mulay Muhammad al-Fardiy, and a niece of Mulay Tahir, may God sanctify his secret. A domed shrine was erected for each of his ancestors within the city of al-Aroui. Many of them, in addition to being scholars, received direct knowledge from Allah. Once, Sayyidi Shaykh Mohamed Faouzi al-Karkari said, “this blessing (barakah) has been passed down from father to son over many generations.”
His family has been settled for twelve generations in the town of Al-Aroui, located in the Rif region of northern Morocco, twenty kilometers from the city of Nador.
May Allah make us learn from him, may He make us enter his presence and grant us the great honor of correct behavior in said presence, in secret as well as in public. May He not make us leave this world without being satisfied with us. Amen.