Language cannot describe the character of this great Imam. Words, no matter how eloquent, could not describe even an atom of his character and merits, may Allah be pleased with him. How can one describe a servant whose goal has gone beyond the two worlds, whose eyes have been lowered to anything other than his goal, whom no station attracts, no wonder distracts, and whose goal is none other than Allah, the One and none other. He is often heard saying: “If a man came to me with the four great angels, it would not trouble me. Rather, I would say to him: you have come with creatures, where is the Creator between you?” He also says, “I am amazed at a Murid who is surrounded by light on all sides and comes to me seeking a vision in pictures.” He says “Allah says in his book “Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth” (Sura An-Nur, verse 35). And it does not say that Allah was an angel or anything else. Therefore, the Light is the closest link to Allah. All this is so that the Murid has no other goal but Allah alone and does not seek anything other than Him. Whoever is in this situation will have drunk from the prophetic source as he pleases. The servant will be honored with beautiful behaviors in the apparent, commensurate with the manifestation of the names of the True in the hidden.” Henceforth, no one competes with our Sheikh in what concerns the behaviors related to the divine names in our time. He has reached the peak of divine contemplation.